Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Pear Tree

My pear tree has got new buds :) 


  1. Hi Bayley. I have come over via your mum's blog. I love gardening too and looking forward to the lovely weather to get cracking on the veg patch. Looking forward to seeing your posts. Hugs Em x

  2. Good Morning Bayley, I am also here thanks to your Mum. I lived in Kent as a child, such a beautiful and Inspiring place. I too love to garden and am lucky enough to have a new big garden that I am developing. I work in a Garden Centre so I am surrounded by plants and some very knowledgeable people. I am looking forward to continue to read your blogs, good luck with them you have made a great start. Best Wishes, Jacqueline xxx

  3. Thank you both for coming and looking at my blog. I might ask for some advise on how to grow my plants Jacqueline.